Make international payments to Jamaica

Making your international payments to Jamaica can be made easier and cheaper by using RationalFX.

We are highly experienced at making international payments to Jamaica and can provide you with the expertise to get the most out of your money in the currency exchange and transfer.

You may be a business that needs to make an international payment to Jamaica to purchase produce from a supplier. Or maybe you are buying a holiday property and looking to reduce your monthly outgoings.

Whatever your needs, we can transfer to any bank account in Jamaica (such as Bank of Nova Scotia, National Commercial Bank, First Caribbean etc.) at reduced costs! Wave goodbye to inflated exchange rates and low transfer fees offered by your bank and money transfer agent and open an account with RationalFX!

Benefits we offer

  • We are proud to emphasize the fact that we provide our clients with extremely competitive up-to-date rates of exchange for the Jamaican Dollar and we charge low international transfer fees.
  • You can fix a great rate of exchange for up to 2 years and reduce your risk of adverse movements in currency as well as make your payments more manageable by using one of our Forward contracts.
  • Use our Limit Order facility to take advantage of positive fluctuations in the exchange rate for the Jamaican Dollar. We will transfer your funds when the currency hits a specific rate you anticipate.
  • Dedicated dealer to inform you about market movements.
  • Online payment system that can accept payment instructions 24/7 and gives you the ability to track all your currency transactions.

Who are RationalFX

We are a trusted City of London based currency exchange and money transfer company. Having transferred over £1 billion worth of currency successfully as well as authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC we ensure high security of all our client’s funds.

Our ability to provide such a cheap service to our clients stems from the fact that we buy vast amounts of currencies every year and are able to get wholesale rates for the currencies we purchase. This big benefit is then passed on to you the customer!

Make your international payments to Jamaica easier and less costly. Open an account with us for free and see how we can genuinely save you money.