Do you need to make international payments to Egypt? Whether you are a business making payments on goods from Egypt or maybe you are looking to purchase property. Whatever the reason, having some thought into the different ways to make your international payments can see you cut costs.

From a perspective of any business, you want to drive your costs as low as possible and see profits rise. In the case of making your international payments to Egypt the costs involved can be reduced by a better currency exchange for the Egyptian Pound, as well as transfer fees to be reduced. This can be done by looking at other ways to make your payments.

One of the most common ways of making international payments is through your bank. For many businesses this is due to already being an account holder adding to a hesitancy to explore other options.

However, the costs incurred from making your international transfers through your bank to say a bank account at United Bank of Egypt are evident through an uncompetitive exchange rate and bank charges per transfer.

Getting a better foreign exchange rate means going beyond your bank to a service that specialise in foreign currency exchange.

That is why foreign exchange brokers like RationalFX are fast becoming the solution for businesses to make their international payments. This is because they offer a better rate of exchange for the Egyptian pound as well as other currencies (GBP/EGP).

RationalFX offer services that create financial stability for your business when dealing with fluctuating foreign exchange. Like forward contracts enabling you to fix a great rate of exchange for the Egyptian pound for up to two years make managing your finances easier! If time is on your side to make your payments then we can even watch the market for you and do the transfer when the currency hits an even better rate!

We at RationalFX can make your international payments less costly for your business. Register today to see the difference!