Make International Payments to Brazil


When making international payments to Brazil many businesses choose to make their transfers through their bank.

It is a common option as it seems the most straightforward when dealing with your finances and making payments.

You may require to make a payment to a bank account in Banco do Brasil for example. Going through your own bank to do the transfer is logical.

However, your bank is not the cheapest option to make the transfer and more and more businesses are finding this out.

The currency rates on offer at your bank are very uncompetitive across the board of all their currencies. Furthermore, your bank will charge you a bank fee for doing your transfer!  Not ideal if you want to cut costs!

More businesses are turning to foreign exchange brokers as they are a better, cheaper alternative to making their international payments to Brazil.

You may need to pay a supplier out in Brazil or maybe you are buying property in the vibrant Rio de Janerio! Whatever your purposes are - foreign exchange brokers like RationalFX will give you a better rate of exchange and charge you low fees for doing your international payments to Brazil! This is an ideal payment option for any business looking to cut costs and save money.

RationalFX is a leading independent foreign exchange broker regulated by HRMC as well as a FSA authorised payment institution. We are a secure and efficient way of making your international payments to Brazil.

We are specialists in foreign currency exchange and highly experienced at making transfers to Brazil. Whether you are looking to make a single or regular payment we will help you get the most out of your money.

Why not open an account now to start making international payments to Brazil cheaper than ever before with better exchange rates and low transfer fees!