Looking to make international payments to Bangladesh? Finding the best way can benefit your business in terms of cutting cost and ensuring your payments arrive safely and on time.

Getting the best exchange rate is important to ensure your business gets the most out of your money overseas. Neglecting this will see you incur unnecessary costs for your business.

Your supplier in Bangladesh may want you to make a transfer to BalPubali Bank. Going to your own bank to make the international payment to Bangladesh will see you get given an uncompetitive currency exchange rate aswell as being charged a bank fee for doing the transfer.

What is a cheaper alternative?

Foreign currency exchange brokers are becoming the ideal option for businesses to make their international payments to Bangladesh. This is simply due to the fact they can offer a better exchange rate and they do not charge high transfer fees.

They have the ability to do this as they purchase large amounts of currencies extremely close to the market rate and are able to offer the benefits to their customers.

What else can they do for my business?

With currency exchange rates fluctuating constantly it can make it difficult to control your finances when making your international payments to Bangladesh.

Foreign exchange brokers watch the markets constantly so you can ensure you get the best rate.

Furthermore, they can offer you many other services such as a forward contract which enables you to have a great exchange rate fixed for two years!

Using a foreign exchange broker is ideal for any business wishing to make international payments to Bangladesh or any other country you may need.

We are experts at foreign currency exchange and offer a high level of service for your foreign currency exchange needs which you will not receive from your local bank.

Register your business today to make your international payments to Bangladesh cheaper and easier!