When you need a cost and time effective way of making international payments RationalFX will be the solution you require. As a company operating internationally the costs of transferring money overseas can prevent your maximum profitability being achieved. If you process your international payments through RationalFX you will however be able to make more budget friendly payments as we offer competitive currency exchange rates and the option of making your payment fee free. In addition to this international payments made through RationalFX are easier to process; thanks to our online payments system you can make your international payments 24/7 from any location conveniently online.

When you need to make international payments there will be a number of transfer methods you could use so it is wise to take into account the various advantages and disadvantages of these services.

A bank

When you need to make an international payment it is quite likely that your first thought may be your bank. Although your bank allows you to make international payments through them they will offer you poor exchange rates and charge you significant fees which make this an expensive way to make your international payment.

A money sending bureau

A money sending bureau may be your next thought however this is another costly option due to poor exchange rates and fees as high as 10-15%.

When you are looking to make an international payment cheaply and conveniently a foreign exchange broker such as RationalFX will be the ideal alternative.

It could be that you wish to make a payment to Hong Kong, Australia, France, the USA, China or somewhere else. Wherever you are making your payment to RationalFX allow you to make your payment simply, cheaply and securely.

Why should I make my international payment through RationalFX?

• Budget friendly– You will get a competitive rate of exchange and can make your payment fee free

• Simplicity- You can make international payments with ease conveniently online 24/7 via our payments system.

• Safe- We are a UK based company authorised by the FSA and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs so we abide strictly to the high level of security imposed by these institutions.

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