Looking for a way to process international payments to Barbados?

High margin exchange rates and transfer fees will make your international payments to Barbados costly. We believe at RationalFX that such transfers should be simple and inexpensive. We will ensure that you get an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Barbados Dollar and charge you low transfer fee. And to make the payment process as easy as possible we offer an online service.

The objectives of all businesses are to increase profitability and to remain competitive within the market. Businesses making international payments through their bank are frequently subject to poor exchange rates and unnecessarily high transfer fees, which pose a challenge to their maximum profits being achieved.

RationalFX understands the strains international businesses are subject to, and tries to help such businesses reduce their costs by offering extremely competitive exchange rates for the Barbados Dollar and low fees.

To start making savings on your international transfers all you need to do is open an account, follow the simple registration process and supply us with the details for the transfer.

 These are:

  • The bank/card details you are transferring from
  • The bank account details you wish to transfer to
  • The SWIFT and IBAN code

 Your international payments to Barbados are made both easily and securely with RationalFX (see our regulatory information).

Every day we are helping more and more individuals and businesses save money! We can make a payment to any bank account you may require securely and cheaply so login to your RationalFX account now to start sending Barbados Dollars or open an account to start making international payments to Barbados.

Need more assistance with international payments?

You may need to make regular international payments to Barbados or maybe you want to make the most of the rare few that you do! We provide a choice of FX services to make foreign exchange payments work better for you.

For more information give us a ring on +44 (0) 20 7220 8181 to discuss your options with one of our dedicated dealers.