Looking to make international payments to Ireland?

If your business needs require you to make international payments to Ireland then RationalFX can ensure you get the most out of your money in the transfer and conversion to Euros as we offer competitive exchange rates for the Euro and offer a low transfer fee option. Make your international payment to Ireland conveniently and inexpensively online, or complete the simple registration steps to begin transferring EUR.

We can transfer to any bank account you may need to make a payment to such as Allied Irish, Bank of Ireland and so on.

We are highly experienced at making international payments to Ireland and will offer you an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Euro and we charge low transfer fees!

Help your business reduce the costs of making international payments to Ireland and open an account now and see how much you can save!

How we can help you more

With exchange rates constantly fluctuating it can make managing your finances difficult.  We are helping more businesses and individuals with their international payment needs every day and helping them reduce their costs!

Utilising some of the FX services we offer can make your international payments to Ireland a lot easier:

  • Spot deal - means you can execute a live rate there and then such as for an immediate payment.
  • Forward contract - gives you the ability to fix a great rate of exchange for up to two years.
  • Limit order - if you expect the exchange rate can change in your favour in the near future you can set a rate for us to transfer at when it achieves your anticipated rate.


Who are RationalFX?

RationalFX is a foreign exchange and money transfer company that offers currency solutions to individuals and businesses. Authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HMRC we are a safe way to make your international payments to Ireland.

As a member of SWIFT - the world's largest payments and settlements network. Our clients benefit from faster streamlined payments and enhanced security of their transfers.

Open an account now to start making your international payments to Ireland more cost effective for you and your business.