The costs of relocating employees overseas can easily get out of control, particularly for small and medium sized companies. Frequently these costs also include the cost of multiple foreign exchange payments.

For example;

  • Rented accommodation and hotel costs
  • Employee living expenses
  • Domestic staff costs
  • Local car rental or car hire costs
  • Travel costs

Making these payments using frequent small bank-to-bank payments using your Bank will often mean a flat fee per international payment, on top of an unattractive exchange rate.

RationalFX can save you considerable amounts of money on these Overseas Employee relocation costs.

We can help you to;

  • Obtain foreign exchange at a much more competitive exchange rate than your Bank
  • Set up unlimited money transfers
  • Create regular transfers to multiple beneficiaries
  • Lock-in at a known exchange rate to keep costs predictable (forwards)

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