IT Solutions

We offer business clients a variety of bespoke options to integrate our services into their own website. For example:

Integrate our platform into your website

Customers can pay in foreign currency by making an online transaction using a RationalFX secure page. We will take care of the currency conversion and guarantee the best exchange rate. This is a popular option with hotels making international payments easier for guests and with universities helping students take advantage of the best exchange rate. You also have the option to brand our platform under your identity.

Create white labels

Replicate our platform with your company logo and colours. Promote this new service as an invaluable resource and extension of your brand while we take care of processing the payments. We’ll share the revenue with you on an agreed basis.

Integrate your platform with our payment software

A perfect solution if you have your own front-end interface for transactions in a like-for-like currency but need a powerful back end system for other currencies. We’ll process payments reliably and efficiently under your company name.

Rational FX integration benefits:

  • Exchange rates at a glance - we can display a currency converter on your website
  • Simpler payments - we can process payments for your business via an API
  • Seamless accounting - our products can be integrated with your accountancy software
  • Beneficiary management - we can manage your beneficiary and process payments to them
  • Account management - we will create a full and bespoke solution which will be overseen by your account manager.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.