International payments to Jordan made easy

Your business requirements may mean you need to make international payments to Jordan. But with exchange rates to take into account and other possible transfer charges being applied means these payments can prove to be costly.

At RationalFX, we understand the costs of making international payments worldwide and can significantly reduce these costs!

We can transfer to any bank account you may require and offer an extremely competitive exchange rate for the Jordanian Dinar and charge low transfer fees! So open an account today and make your payments to Jordan cheap and simple.

Make your international payments more manageable

We offer a range of FX services:

  • Spot deal can be used to make payment quickly at the present price there and then, although going through a bank will usually give you an uncompetitive exchange rate.
  • Forward contracts can be helpful when dealing with foreign suppliers and settling on a payment structure. You can fix a rate for up to two years! This can secure your rate of payments making it easier to forecast and offset fluctuating exchange rates. However, if the price drops after the forward contract has been agreed upon, this cannot be taken advantage of as the price cannot be changed.
  • Limit order can be used if you anticipate the exchange rate can change in your favour in the near future. You can set a desired rate to make a payment and when it hits that rate we will transfer your funds.
  • Using our online payments system provides you with convenient access to make your international payments to Jordan.

We are authorised by the FSA, regulated by the HMRC and a member of SWIFT so we are a safe way to make your international transfers worldwide. Take advantage of our great benefits and knowledge and open an account now. Your international payments to Jordan can be significantly cheaper and easier through us.