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If you are importing from India, how you make your International payments to your Indian supplier can have a direct effect on your profit margins.

India is a huge growing economy and taking advantage of its vast range of goods at cheap prices is appealing for many importers.

Finding the best currency exchange rate and payment option is just as important as finding the best and cheapest supplier. It can enable your business to save money, increase your buying power and be competitive.

India is a big recipient of money sent internationally and so making regular payments can be costly if you don’t have a good rate of exchange. Making sure you get the best exchange rate available, means looking beyond the bank to save you money.

Your bank may seem like the only option for importers to make international payments, but the exchange rate they offer for the Indian Rupee like all the other exchange rates are uncompetitive.

Furthermore, another cost to be incurred by sending international payments to India for importers is - by going through your bank there is a hefty bank charge; and that is for every transfer you make.

Importing goods from India can be less costly by simply using a foreign currency exchange broker such as RationalFX to make your international payments to India.

RationalFX are highly experienced at making international payments to India for importers. Trusted and authorised by the FSA we provide up to date currency exchange rates that are highly competitive and charge a low fee for the transfer of your funds! Moreover we offer currency exchange transfer structures and guidance that are can extremely helpful for your business financial requirements.

You will make your international payments via Xendpay, which is our online payment platform which makes transfers quick and simple and convenient. You can make your international payment 24/7 and from any location so you no longer have to go to the bank.

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