The euro has made international payments between the Eurozone member states easier and cheaper. It has allowed the participating countries to take advantage of a more stable trading environment as the risks of fluctuation between currencies has been eliminated by having a common currency.

But that doesn’t mean you have to lose out completely if you are not in the Eurozone. If you need to make international payments to the Eurozone, exploring even more into your payment options can save you money.

Your bank is a common choice as it is usually the first option most businesses consider when they need to make international payments to the Eurozone.

However, it has to be noted that they can offer very uncompetitive rates for currency exchange which can be very costly for doing business. Furthermore, the bank will also almost always charge you a high transfer fee.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and remain competitive. If you are a business dealing with international payments to the Eurozone, the exchange rate can be a big cost that can be cut down. 

The simple option is to use foreign exchange brokers like RationalFX that are generally more competitive than the banks in the foreign exchange market. They provide competitive up to date exchange rates and low fees for the transfer of funds.

RationalFX is a trusted FX broker responsible for providing over USD 1Bn to thousands of Business customers in Foreign Exchange.  We are authorised by the FSA in the UK and across the European Union and can offer guidance to your International Payment needs such as fixing a rate you are happy with through use of forward contracts. Or Limit orders where we watch the market for you and will buy when the currency gets to the rate you anticipate. RationalFX buy large volumes of foreign currencies in the wholesale markets and, unlike most other FX brokers; pass on the benefit of those excellent exchange rates to our business customers.

RationalFX are available online and over the phone, quick and easy to use and you can track the status of your transactions. RationalFX make international payments to the Eurozone efficient and secure, which is one less thing to worry about when managing on your company’s finances.

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