International payments to Costa Rica made easy

At RationalFX, we have a wealth of experience when making foreign currency transactions and international payments to Costa Rica. One of our strengths is understanding clients’ currency specific needs and from that reduce the costs of their international transfers.

With constant market fluctuations in exchange rates, it pays working with a specialist company like RationalFX, whether your transaction is for business or personal reasons. Our dedicated online payment system, allows you to make international payments to Costa Rica from around the world easy, friendly and stress free.

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What are the costs?

None! Registration is free, and even better there are low transfer fees only. What about commission? Well, our service is COMMISSION FREE.

So, how do we make money? As currency specialists, we buy vast amounts of currencies every year. From this we are able to get whole sale rates for the currencies we purchase and are happy to pass on the savings to you and/or your business and still turn a profit.

We are a safe and secure way to make your international payments to Costa Rica. We are FSA authorised and regulated by the HMRC. Furthermore, we are a member of SWIFT the largest settlements and payment network in world means you benefit from faster and more enhanced security of your transfers.

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