International money transfers to buy property in France

Do you need to make an International money transfer to buy property in France? If so RationalFX is the ideal solution for you. Our competitive exchange rates  for the Euro and highly competitve transfer fees will help you to save on the costs of transferring Euros to France to make property payments.

If you are purchasing an overseas property you will often need to make substantial payments in foreign currency which brings two immediate problems; getting a competitive Euro exchange rate and the issue of fluctuating rates in months  or years to come.

The average value for an overseas property is now around EUR150,000 but for this property in France, if you take the normal foreign exchange rates from your bank the transaction is likely to cost you as much as EUR3000 on top of any transfer fees applied.

Unlike your bank we will offer you competitive exchange rates for your international transfer and what is more will only charge you a low fee. If you need to make a one off international payment to France Xendpay, which is our online payments system simplifies the process of transferring money as payments can be made conveniently 24/7 from any location.

We also offer a variety of options which are more suitable for regular payments and help you to make the most out of your money transfer by fixing your exchange rate for up to 2 years ahead to avoid the fluctuations of the FX market.

You could arrange for Stop and Limit Orders, which allows you to set up automated currency trades that enable you to take advantage of better exchange rates if these become available or protection from rate drops down to a specific level.

A Forward Time Option is ideal if you need to stabilise your exchange rates for up to two years as this will reduce or eliminate your exposure to currency fluctuations.

Just think, you will be able to avoid exchange rate risk for up to two years!

For more information visit our overseas payments section or to discuss your currency requirements call our dedicated and experienced dealers on +44 (0) 20 7220 8181 .

RationalFX is the ideal way to make your international money transfer as we are authorised by the FSA and regulated by  HM Revenue & Customs so you will have the peace of mind that your funds are in safe hands. For more security information see our regulatory section.

Begin transferring Euros cheaply online for property payments, or register to make mortgage payments to France.

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