How to transfer money to the United Kingdom


When you first realise that you need to transfer money to the United Kingdom it is worth while to compare the different currency exchange rates and costs for transfer sterling.

There may be some hidden charges to take into account before you decide how to transfer money to the United Kingdom.

Using a high street bank to make a money transfer can seem like an easy way to transfer sterling to the UK, especially if your recipient has a bank account with Halifax or Lloyds TSB, for example.

However, the per-transfer fees imposed by banks can add up if you need to move money on a regular basis.

Alternatively, Money Sending Bureaus will help you to transfer money to a recipient in the UK who does not necessarily have access to a bank account.

Unfortunately these bureaus will impose per-transfer fees as high as ten to 15 per cent of the transaction.

This can make them a particularly expensive option, especially when you factor in the poor currency exchange rate you are likely to get on the pound.

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