How do I transfer money to Dubai?


The Emirates are real hotspots for development so there could be any number of reasons why you need to transfer money to Dubai.

Perhaps you have taken a new job in the region and need to transfer money to Dubai to cover payments on a property; or you are planning on retiring there and want to transfer pension payments to Dubai.

Whatever your motivation to transfer money to Dubai, be sure to research your options because you could find that the most obvious service providers will come with some hidden charges.

Indeed, high street banks will allow you to set up transfers to Dubai within just one phone call or visit.

But the currency exchange rate on offer on the dirham is likely to be quite poor and you can also expect to be hit with per-transfer fees each time you move your money.

Money Sending Bureaus, meanwhile, can prove useful if you need to transfer money to Dubai when the recipient does not have access to a bank account.

Unfortunately, the per-transfer fees involved here can reach ten or even 15 per cent of the amount of money being moved.

If you want to avoid these kind of high fees, then you need to look a bit further and consider using a foreign exchange broker to transfer money to Dubai.

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