How can I send money to the United States?

You may need to send money to the United States to cover payments on a house, pay dollars to friends and family or to transfer your pension to the US.

But whatever your reasons for sending money to the US, it will pay off if you do a bit of research on the matter first.

You have three main options when moving money internationally; these are to use a high street bank, a foreign exchange broker or a Money Sending bureau. 

The third option is most useful if you need to send money to somebody who does not have access to a US bank account.

However, these small establishments tend to be quite poorly regulated and you can expect to pay per-transfer fees in the region of ten to 15 per cent of your transaction value.

Alternatively, you can use a high street bank if you need to send money to an account with Citibank or ABC.

This is a convenient way of moving dollars since you should be able to set the process up with just one phone call or in-branch visit.

Unfortunately, you will also need to pay per-transfer fees and the dollar exchange rate on offer from your bank is unlikely to be particularly competitive.

If it's a good deal you're looking for then a foreign exchange broker's services might be more suited to you.

These companies tend to offer very competitive exchange rates due to the sheer volume of currency they move every day.

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