How can I send money to the Ukraine?


How you choose to send money to the Ukraine depends on what your priorities are.

Ultimately, you have three main options: Use a high street bank, a Money Sending bureau or a foreign exchange bureau.

If you want to send money to the Ukraine to somebody with a bank account, perhaps with Alfa Bank or Bank Prestige, then a high street bank in your country of residence might be a very convenient way of doing so.

Indeed, most banks will set up a transfer of hryvnia with just one phone call or in-branch visit.

This convenience, however, is likely to come with a high cost. You are unlikely to get a particularly competitive hryvnia exchange rate and each time you move money you will have to pay a per-transfer fee.

Unfortunately, Money Sending bureaus charge similar fees - sometimes as much as ten or 15 per cent!

This can detract from this otherwise handy way of sending money to somebody who doesn't have access to a bank account in the Ukraine. 

If you want to avoid these high fees altogether then opening an online account with RationalFX might be the way to go.

We can guarantee you a low fee service when you send money to the Ukraine with us and we will also provide you with some of the best foreign exchange rates on the market.

Opening an account is quick, free and easy! So start getting better exchange rates and low transfer fees! Once registered you will have access to our secure online payments system making your transfers even more simple!