UK’s vaccine rollout keeps sterling supported

GBP Sterling rallied against the euro on Friday as it continues to benefit from the UK’s vaccine rollout and the Bank of England’s (BoE) decision to keep monetary policy unchanged and interest rates at record lows. Sterling has already could come under renewed pressure this morning as the EU is set to block exports of … Read more

Bank of England hold interest rates at record lows

Yesterday, the Bank of England (BoE) voted unanimously to hold interest rates at record lows of 0.1%. Much like the United States Federal Reserve, the BoE held a dovish tone despite bond yields reaching record highs.

US dollar rises again off the back of rising treasury yields

USD The dollar rose on Friday following a fresh spike in Treasury yields as the prospect of economies emerging from year-long coronavirus lockdowns reignited inflation fears. The market over the last few weeks has become increasingly more wary of possible inflationary pressures that could come as a result of pent-up consumer demand and the expanding … Read more

Sterling posts fresh highs against EUR and USD

GBP Sterling experienced yet another day of forward momentum as fresh highs were posted against both the EUR and USD. The reason for this positivity largely remains the same, case numbers continue to fall as vaccination numbers rise. Yesterday, the UK recorded its lowest daily infections of the year at 8,489, compared to 10,641 the … Read more

Sterling hesitant to push high against Euro and Dollar

GBP Currency markets look hesitant to push GBP further than its recent highs against both Euro and Dollar. Sterling still looks an attractive buy with continued hopes on the success of the UK vaccination program. The Euro is also benefiting heavily from this period of US Dollar weakness. Some potential worry for Sterling are the … Read more

Sterling continues its run of strength

GBP Sterling continued its ascent against both the euro and dollar on Thursday benefitting from a variety of factors as sterling reached eight month highs against the euro and two and a half year highs against the dollar. One of the leading causes for a stronger pound on Thursday were increasingly optimistic views on the … Read more

Mixed day for Sterling on positive Brexit headlines but rising covid cases

GBP Sterling had a turbulent day yesterday after positive Brexit headlines and rising covid cases were announced. The president of the EU Commission , Ursula von der Leyen,- said yesterday, talks are making “good progress’ and the two sides are approaching a deal. ‘A level playing field and fisheries are the only two points left … Read more

Brexit impasse and rising Covid-19 cases hurts Sterling

GBP Sterling fell against both the euro and dollar during Wednesday trading as the worsening global COVID-19 situation and current Brexit impasse took its toll on the risk sensitive pound. According to the latest government figures, the UK reported another 24,701 cases of Covid-19 yesterday with a further 310 deaths. This rapidly deteriorating situation has … Read more

FR Sterling Drifts Higher Against The Euro

Sterling drifted higher against the euro on Tuesday, but stayed within recent trading ranges after survey data showed that Britain’s services sector stagnated last month due to concerns about Brexit.

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