Sterling is considered a risk-sensitive currency

GBP Sterling fell on Tuesday as market sentiment shifted to risk-off amid a sell-off in global stock markets as well as investors acting cautiously ahead of key interest rate decisions for both the UK and US. Sterling is considered a risk-sensitive currency and usually trades in tandem with global stock markets. Global stock markets were … Read more

Sterling under pressure

GBP The pound remains under pressure as the UK’s energy crisis and a global market sell-off continue. Sterling is proving to be very vulnerable to a surge in gas prices as not only does it threaten to cut off UK consumers’ budget but also hampers the industrial output. This is because the UK relies heavily … Read more

Sterling takes hit but still gains on the Euro

GBP Sterling was down for much of last week and was one of the worst performing currencies, but still managed to gain on Friday against the euro. Last week’s comments from the European Central Bank (ECB) confirming inflationary rises as transitory, and that they are in no rush to taper their current stimulus, means the … Read more

GBP hits highs after recent data

GBP Sterling rallied during early trade to multi-week highs against both the euro and dollar on Tuesday following a buoyant jobs report, but relinquished the bulk of early gains late in the afternoon. According to the latest data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK unemployment showed a modest improvement on a month on … Read more

GBP well supported along with positive data

USD Today sees the release of key US inflation data, something the FED will be watching closely. We’ve seen the US inflation figure well above the 2% target for some time now and investors will look for today’s data to spur the FED into taking some action at next month’s meeting. US Core CPI (MoM) … Read more

UK inflation may be combated by tightening monetary policy

GBP Sterling ended the week close to one month highs on Friday as UK bond yields rose amid growing expectations that the Bank of England (BoE)  may soon tighten economic policy to combat rising inflation. The move follows hawkish comments from Governor Andrew Bailey who hinted that the BoE were considering tightening policy. Bailey told lawmakers in Parliament on … Read more

Euro awaits ECB policy meeting update

EUR Today the ECB will meet for their latest monetary policy meeting. Tapering is once again a hot topic as investors eagerly await decisions on interest rates and the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP). Since March 2020 the ECB have been purchasing bonds, through PEPP, to provide much needed support to the economy. Taking this … Read more

RFXplainer: Buying property abroad

Buying property abroad is no easy task. You have to manage different mortgage and tax systems, sort out visas and permits, all while navigating new currencies and languages.  No two countries’ systems are the same either so if you’re still unsure where you want to go, the amount of information available can be pretty overwhelming.  … Read more

Market report: US economy seems to bounce back

USD Yesterday’s US GDP numbers surprisingly showed the economy grew faster than initially thought in the second quarter of this year. The injection of huge fiscal stimulus and the Covid vaccination roll out saw GDP back above its pre-pandemic peak. It increased at 6.6% on a annualised rate which was revised up from 6.5% reported in July. Corporate profits also increased. This will … Read more

Market report: pound still in demand

GBP It might be a light week for the pound data wise, but that hasn’t stopped an increased demand for the currency. This comes amidst expectations of a bank holiday consumer binge. There’s been a recent slowdown in retail sales and business activity, but this could actually give way to stronger expansion. A recent survey for UK business activity showed … Read more

Market report: pound stays steady against majors

GBP Yesterday was another uneventful day for sterling as a lack of headline data saw it trend sideways against the euro and dollar. However, UK Covid cases are rising again, so sterling may make some mild moves once today’s case figures are released. But with hospitalisation staying low, any market movement will likely be short … Read more

Market report: pound finally fights back

GBP Sterling rebounded against the euro and dollar on Monday, benefitting from global stock markets rallying following a switch to ‘risk on’ sentiment. The shift saw sterling gain 0.6% against the euro and 1% against the dollar. This is welcome news for the pound which was declining last week, dropping to recent lows vs the euro and annual lows … Read more

RFXplainer: Foreign exchange contracts explained

Whether you’re purchasing property abroad or just looking to go on holiday with as much money as possible, foreign exchange can be a complicated thing to get your head around. It can often feel like unless you have an intimate knowledge of the foreign exchange market, you basically get what you’re given. If your currency … Read more

Market report: pound’s decline continues

GBP The pound lost considerable ground against the euro and dollar throughout the week and continues to fall as the weekend approaches.  UK Consumer Price Index data came in at 2% earlier in the week, right on the Bank of England’s (BoE) target inflation rate. This is down from a previous 2.5%. This suggests the BoE’s longstanding view that this … Read more

COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses

We understand the impact COVID-19 may have not only on world health but also on the economy and your business’s international payments. To help you in these unprecedented times, we’ve created a COVID-19 guidance for businesses to provide you with the tools you need to effectively navigate volatile currency markets and exchange rate fluctuations. Inside … Read more

Monthly Currency Market View April 2020

Download our Monthly Currency Market View as we take a look at the key trends and consider the many diverse events that shaped the global currency markets in April 2020.

RFXplainer: What are mass and batch payments?

Mass payment,  sometimes known as mass payouts or batch payments, is a way of paying multiple recipients all at the same time. They are often facilitated by either a payment provider or a payment provider’s own platform.  They’re especially popular with businesses as it allows them to pay multiple employees and suppliers quickly and easily.  … Read more

Market report: dollar benefits from safe haven status

USD The dollar has gained against its competitors this week as risk off sentiment grows and investors look towards safe haven currencies. This follows the chaotic situation unfolding in Afghanistan and the threat posed by Covid’s delta variant.  Yesterday also saw the release of the minutes from the last Federal Reserve’s policy meeting. While no firm decisions were made, most … Read more

Market report: pound feels impact of global Covid concerns

GBP Sterling continued its decline against the euro and dollar on Tuesday as market sentiment remained risk-off. This follows global Covid concerns that seem to be dominating investor sentiment. The US has now surpassed 200,000 new daily infections and New Zealand re-imposed lockdown restrictions following their first case for six months. Yesterday’s employment data from … Read more

Market report: pound suffering set backs

GBP The pound remained on the back foot against the euro and dollar yesterday as Brexit headlines and a ‘risk off’ mood took their toll.  Brexit fears around immigration are swirling after Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier called for a five-year moratorium on all immigration into the EU — a move that would effectively ban British settlement and all others. … Read more