A mass payments platform for the world stage

Whether you’ve got an international payroll or a global batch of invoices, you can pay up to 1,000 recipients in over 50 currencies, all from one platform, in one batch. Quickly, securely and with the fair and transparent exchange rates we’re renowned for.

Why the RationalFX Mass Pay Platform?

Since 2005, we’ve helped over 10,000 businesses send their money around the globe. This platform was built by taking everything we’ve learnt in that time and simply applying it to mass payments.

Upload all your payee data quickly and easily

Edit and replicate payments without fuss

Track payments statuses in real time

Multi-user access with dynamic permissions

Get individual platform training and wider foreign exchange guidance from your own personal currency specialist

International payments are complex. Leave them to us.

Just upload the payee information to our platform and we’ll do the rest. Pay employees, investors, freelancers and suppliers, all at once, wherever they are in the world.

Transfer safely and securely

Our mass pay platform uses the same security procedures as all other RationalFX features. The server uses the secure web site protocol called SSL and if you make a card payment, your security code or password (e.g. Verified by Visa) are always hidden and encrypted. We can’t even see them.

Further to that, any funds we hold on your behalf are kept in segregated accounts from our own business accounts. These are only accessed for your own transactions and are protected from creditors by law.

How to get started

Fill in your details below and one of our currency specialists will get in touch with you over the next few days to discuss your options and give you a demo of the platform.

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