What's the Best Way to Transfer Money to Sweden?

You might need to transfer money to Sweden to cover payments on a property. Or perhaps you need to make an international money transfer to move your pension or maybe just to move money to friends or family overseas.

But whatever your reason for doing so, you will no doubt be keen to pick the best way to transfer money to Sweden.

This will depend on your individual situation so it is worth doing some research before you make the transfer.

Here are your main three choices when you need to move money internationally:

Using your bank account in your country of residence can allow you to transfer money to a specific bank account in Sweden.

This could be to Avanza Bank or perhaps Skandiabanken, but you could be moving the money from almost any bank in your home country.

However, this method of transferring money to Sweden can prove unnecessarily expensive.

Banks tend not to offer a very competitive currency exchange rate on the Swedish krona and you can also expect to pay per-transfer fees for each transaction.

If you are looking to transfer money to Sweden without using bank accounts, perhaps some cash for a friend to pick up, then Money Sending Bureaus could be worth considering.

Unfortunately, these establishments, found in cities around the world, also charge high per-transfer fees – sometimes as much as 15 per cent of the amount you are moving.

If you want to avoid these high fees then you would be well-advised to look carefully at the third main option to transfer money to Sweden: Foreign exchange brokers.

These businesses are able to offer very competitive currency exchange rates and, if you choose to move money with RationalFX, you will also benefit from a low fee service.

Opening an online account with RationalFX is free and easy. Why not open one today and take a look at the foreign exchange rates on offer today?