What is the Best Way to Make International Payments to Thailand?

Finding the best way to make your international payments to Thailand can see you save money, as well as giving you peace of mind that your funds will arrive securely and on time!

Whether you are a purchasing a Thai property or importing from a supplier in Thailand, it is worth considering what is the best method to make your international payments that makes your money work most for you!

Paying attention to the exchange rates is obvious to anyone wanting to make international payments. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean waiting for a better rate that your bank can give you. Ensuring you get the best rate means looking beyond the bank.

You may need to make a payment to a bank account in Thailand such popular banks are Bankok Bank or Siam Commercial Bank for example.

However, there are high costs of making your international payments to Thailand through your own bank which are comprised of a poor exchange rate for the Thai Baht, and being charged a bank fee for every transfer you make!

A better method to take is to use a foreign currency exchange brokers like RationalFX, who can reduce the costs of making international payments – saving you money. They offer you a competitive exchange rate that will beat your bank and money sending bureau, as well as not charging you high fees for doing your transfers!

We at RationalFX are specialists at foreign exchange and pay close attention to the markets and how they operate. That is why more businesses are turning to foreign exchange brokers to help them get the best out of their foreign currency exchange and transfer requirements.

Whether it is a single payment or a regular payment plan that you need, going to a foreign currency exchange broker can save you money on your international payments to Thailand.

It makes sense to use a service that has experts in the field of foreign currency exchange which ensures you will receive a better service for your currency exchange needs. We at RationalFX can help your business!

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