Transfer Money to UK from China for Education

With record numbers of Chinese students going to the UK to study means many will need to transfer money to the UK from China to pay for their education. However, it seems that many students have overlooked, or have failed to do anything effective about the transfer costs of moving their money from China to the UK.

Just in 2010 alone saw more than 284,000 Chinese students go to study in foreign universities around the world. The UK has been a popular destination with many prestigious universities attracting numerous applications from Chinese hopefuls.

With a growing middle class, many students have been lucky enough to be funded through their university education. Other students on the other hand may have had to save up or take out loans, but it is an investment that many believe is a good one for their future job prospects.

However, every year many are hit with expensive costs to transfer money to UK from China for their university education. The costs are incurred from high exchange rates and transfer fees being imposed by using their banks. Many have even come to believe and accept that these costs are the “norm” of international money transfer.

In fact, these costs can easily be avoided by using RationalFX instead of your bank to transfer money to the UK from China.

Why use RationalFX to transfer money to the UK from China?

By using the services of RationalFX students will be offered an extremely competitive exchange rate for Sterling that will beat their bank, plus we charge low transfer fees only for international wire transfers online!

We specialise in providing a low cost service to transfer your money to any bank account in the UK that you may require! Whether you need to transfer money to your UK account with the Bank of China or any UK bank such as HSBC. We can even transfer straight to your University’s bank account to pay for your tuition fees!

Having transferred over £1 billion worth of currency, as well as being authorised by the FSA and regulated by HMRC, we can ensure your money is safe with us! Our secure online payments system is available for use 24/7 making your transfers easy, efficient and most of all cheaper. Open an account now and make transferring money to the UK for your education less costly!