Send money to Canada to set up new life

Send money to Canada to set up new life

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The country’s economy has fared much better than that of the US or the UK in the years following the recession.

Skilled migrants, who have been offered a job in Canada, are likely to be looking for ways to send money to Canada.

As such, many professionals are heading out there to take advantage of the positions still on offer.

However, moving abroad is an expensive business and there is a need to transfer large amounts of money between currencies, especially when you are setting up a new home to begin with. It is therefore wise to consider the different ways you could send money To Canada in order to find the cheapest and most suited optionto you.

Using a bank-to-bank transfer might appear to be a convenient way to send money to Canada, but a regulated foreign exchange broker will usually be cheaper.

Brokers like RationalFX offer a competitive rate of currency exchange and while no service will offer you the exact rate on a currency calculator, you will get more Canadian dollars for your native money.

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