Save money on the destination wedding of your dreams

With British summers characterised by rainy spells and grey clouds, it’s no wonder that one in four Brits now get married abroad. Whilst the logistics of destination weddings can be complex, it need not dig a deep hole in your pocket. Our top tips will help you save a great deal and have the destination wedding of your dreams.


It’s of vital importance to calculate the total amount you’d like to spend on your wedding. To do so, you must outline your priorities. Would you like an extravagant venue? Are the decorations and flower arrangements top of your wish list? Or would you like a luxurious cake for your reception service?

You should also consider breaking down additional expenses, such as flights, accommodation and any vaccinations you might need to receive.

Decide on a destination

Would you like to take your vows in the Tuscan countryside, on a vineyard garden? Or perhaps you’d prefer an idyllic coastline in the Bahamas? Whilst some people dream of tying the knot on a white sandy beach, others yearn for scenic landscapes.

Once you’ve established where you will get married, it’s essential to plan you and your guests’ journey to your chosen destination. You will need to check flight routes and how much they cost during peak and off peak seasons. This will give you a good indication of when the best time of year will be for you to have your wedding.

Plan in advance

Wedding planning should be an exciting experience that should be enjoyed as a couple. However, with such a multitude of decisions to make, navigating your way through the planning process can often become overwhelming.

An experienced wedding planner will be of great value to you when planning your big day. From sourcing suppliers, to liaising with vendors and even translating your requirements into local languages; your mind will be at ease knowing that you have an extra pair of hands, working a memorable occasion.

Manage International Payments

As the planning of your big day progresses, you’ll often be required to transfer money abroad. Whilst your first thought might be to use your high street bank to manage your international payments, this often proves to be quite costly. At RationalFX, we help our customers make swift, secure international currency payments. Whatever the requirements of your fairy-tale wedding are, you can save yourself thousands with our highly competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

In addition to finding the best exchange rates, it’s important to be well informed about how fluctuations within the currency market, can affect the cost of your international currency transfers.

Should you open an international payments account with us, you will be appointed an account manager, who will offer you specialist advice on the financial markets and support you in the best decision for your purchase. We can help you make swift, secure payments, whilst attaining the best possible rates through our range of different payment services. For instance, fixing an exchange rate up to two years in advance with a forward contract; leaves you in control of your money. Whatever your choices may be, it’s is important to make informed decisions for your special day.

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