Possible DUP Compromise


The DUP would consider voting for the current Brexit deal if Boris Johnson can secure a time-limit to the controversial Northern Ireland backstop, Arlene Foster has said. The Northern Irish party leader ruled out supporting any backstop that would apply only to Northern Ireland, but said the DUP would “look at” a time-limit if the EU were to offer one.

Ms Foster said she did not believe that the Irish government or the EU would be willing to put a time limit on the backstop, which would see the UK stay in a temporary customs union with the EU if no trade deal can be agreed. Ms Foster believes that Leo Varadkar may agree to a time limited backstop which is only temporary as oppose to a permanent backstop.

Ms Foster insists that the DUP will strongly oppose to any Brexit deal which would see Northern Ireland adopt different custom rules to the rest of the U.K. Furthermore, she believe’s a deal can be reached at this late stage and her party are in full support of Boris Johnson claiming that the opposition party in Labour coming into power will be a disaster for Northern Ireland.

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