MPs Plan Legislation To Stop No-deal Brexit


MPs this week are planning to bring a legislation forward to stop a no-deal Brexit, according to shadow Brexit secretary Sir Kier Starmer. He said the plan was to prevent Boris Johnson from taking the U.K. out of the EU without a deal but did not go into further detail.

Cabinet Minster, Michael Gove, refused to guarantee the government would abide by it if it passed, saying “let’s see what the legislation says.” Furthermore, he stated that the government are not doing anything to facilitate a no deal Brexit.

In order for the legislation to pass, MPs will be working to a tight schedule before Parliament is suspended. Tuesday will see MPs return from their summer break, meaning that they need to put forward standing order 24 in order for the legislation to be taken as a matter of urgency. The bill will still need approval of more than half of MPs votes before it can be made a law on Monday 12th September.

Parliament is due to be suspended after Monday 12th September and no legislation can be put forward after that date.

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