Make International Payments to Pakistan

It makes sense that when you are making international payments to Pakistan, you want to use the best and cheapest payment option available to you.

You may need to pay a supplier, or maybe you are buying a property in Islamabad, whatever your international payments are for, finding the ideal way to make these payments can see you save money when making the international money transfer.

Transferring to your recipient’s bank account such as in Habib Bank for example, have costs that consists of the exchange rate and transfer fees being imposed.

Exchange rates can differ depending on what option you use to make your international payments to Pakistan. For instance, your bank can have a different exchange rate on offer to say a money sending bureau.

However, the rates at your bank or money sending bureau are both uncompetitive and expensive.  Furthermore, making your international payments through either of them will also see you be charged a substantial transfer fee! Not ideal if you want to reduce costs!

So what is a better cheaper option to make international payments to Pakistan?

Foreign exchange brokers are helping more and more businesses as well as individuals with their foreign currency transfer needs.

They offer a better rate of exchange and charge low transfer fees compared to the other options. You will find that you will be making significant savings using their service instead of your bank or money sending bureau.

RationalFX is a leading independent foreign exchange broker. FSA authorised and regulated by HRMC, we are a safe and efficient way to make your international payments to Pakistan.

As experts of foreign currency exchange we will provide you with extremely competitive foreign currency rates as well as guidance helping you receive the most out of your money.

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