Make International Payments to Japan

If you have business interests in Japan, how you make your international payments to Japan can see you reduce the costs of exchange rates and international transfer fees!

You may need to make a payment to a supplier’s bank account in Shinsei Bank for example. A common solution is to go through your own bank to do the transfer.

It is an obvious way to make your payments, however the costs associated means it is not the most cost effective way to do so!

This is because your bank will give you an exchange rate for the Yen that is uncompetitive and so reducing your buying power of the Japanese Yen.

On top of this, your bank will charge you a fee for every transfer you make to Japan- making this method not the most financially ideal to make your international payments to Japan.

As a business or an individual you want to be able to cut unnecessary costs as much as possible, so looking at a cheaper alternative way to make your international payments to Japan is a must.

This can easily be done by utilising the services of a foreign exchange broker who can provide a better, more cost effective solution! They are assisting more and more businesses in reducing the costs of making their international payments to Japan.

This is simply due to the fact they will offer you a better exchange rate for the Japanese Yen and will charge you a little transfer fee for doing your international payments.

We at RationalFX are an FSA authorised and HMRC regulated foreign exchange brokers. As experts of foreign currency exchange we will offer you a competitive exchange rate for the Japanese Yen that will beat your bank or money sending bureau.

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