Make International Payments to Germany

Are you going to make an international payment to Germany and are looking for an easy and budget friendly way to do so? If yes making your payment through RationalFX is the ideal way to make your international money transfer. We offer competitive exchange rates for the Euro and offer low transfer fees which will reduce the costs of transferring money.

Germany spans an area of 357,021 km2 and with 81.8 million inhabitants it is the most populated member state in the European Union with the largest economy. The capital city of Germany is Berlin. Germany is a major political power of the European continent and is a leader in many technological fields.

There are a number of ways to process your international money transfer to Germany so it is prudent to consider the benefits of these various alternatives in order to find the most convenient and cost effective way to transfer money internationally.

Firstly, your bank can offer you this service and you can enquire how much it would cost to transfer to say Deutsche bank in Germany. But you will find that your bank will provide you with a disappointing exchange rate for the euro and will also charge you a bank fee for doing the transfer.

The next option where you can make your international payments to Germany is from the money sending bureau. They promote themselves as an easy and convenient way to make your payments, however their exchange rates are not so attractive. It is also not recommended that you make large important payments through them, as apart from charging an extremely costly 10-15% for using their service many of them are poorly regulated.

Whether you need to pay your German supplier or need to keep up with mortgage payments for your German property. You want your important international payments to be processed as safely and cheaply as possible and in the time specified.

That’s where foreign currency exchange brokers like RationalFX come in.

RationalFX – solution to make your international payments to Germany

  • Safety – RationalFX is a company authorised by the FSA and regulated by the HRMC so you can be assured that your payments going through us will be safe.
  • Savings – Our exchange rates are highly competitive and will beat any bank or money sending bureau.
  • Specialists – We are highly experienced at making international payments to Germany and as experts of foreign currency exchange we can offer payment plans that can help you hedge against fluctuating exchange rates and further save you money.

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