Make International Payments to Croatia

If you require to make international payments to Croatia, then finding the most ideal way to do so is worth considering to ensure you are getting the most out of your money in the foreign currency exchange transfer.

You could be buying a holiday property in or sourced a supplier in Croatia, whatever your reasons may be, it is in your best interest to use an international payment option to Croatia that is efficient, safe and the least costly.

For instance, your supplier may need to make your payment to an account in Croatia Banka. You can do this by going to your own bank. They can do a bank wire transfer from your account to the account in Croatia pretty straightforwardly.

To do an international transfer you will need:

  • Your account details
  • The beneficiary account details
  • The SWIFT code of the Croatian bank

However, by making your international payment via your bank you will receive an uncompetitive rate of exchange for the Croatian Kuna (HRK), in addition to being charged a high bank fee for the wire transfer!

A better option is to use a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX when making international payments to Croatia. Quite simply because they are a lower cost way to send money internationally!

Big advantages are that they offer a better exchange rate for the Croatian Kuna than your bank and charge low transfer fees for doing your international payments, unlike the other transfer options!

At RationalFX we buy our currencies in large amounts extremely close to the market rate and pass on the benefits to our customers. It’s that simple.