Johnson Pressures MPs To Back Election


Boris Johnson’s government increased pressure on lawmakers on Sunday to back the bid to hold an early election and break the Brexit impasse, saying Britain was being held “hostage” by Parliament.

With the Labour Party waiting for the EU to grant a Brexit delay and two other parties launching their own bid for an even earlier election, the government’s bid looks set to fail so far.

All Britain’s political parties agree an election is needed to break the standoff over Brexit, but do not see eye-to-eye on its timing. For many lawmakers, an attempt by Johnson to set the terms of a new election raises concerns that he might renege.

The EU has agreed there should be an extension but has set no departure date, saying it would wait to see how Parliament voted on Johnson’s call for an early election.

On Sunday, a Downing Street source gave a veiled warning to Labour lawmakers. It said that the government would consider all options, including those proposed by other opposition parties if Labour opposed “being held to account by the people yet again”.

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