Johnson Marginally Optimistic


Boris Johnson due to speak at the G7 Summit on Monday believes it’s the job of Parliament to deliver Brexit. Johnson told reporters on Sunday that securing a deal with the EU were ‘touch and go’ but stated on Monday that he is now ‘marginally more optimistic’ that an agreement can be reached with the EU.

Johnson gave little away when asked about suspending Parliament to stop it preventing a no deal Brexit. However opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to call a no confidence vote in the government to prevent a no deal Brexit. If Corbyn does win the vote then this could lead to Corbyn becoming care taker Prime Minster, delaying Brexit, call a snap election and campaign for another referendum. Johnson has hit back at Corbyn on Monday stating that he wants to protect the U.K. from ‘an appalling Labour government’ led by Corbyn.

Lastly at his G7 summit speech Johnson remained upbeat in regards to issues effecting the global economy. After speaking with his fellow leaders he stated that he has been ‘struck with by their enthusiasm to expand and strengthen their relations with our country’.

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