IT Workers Can Remit Rupees to India

Using a foreign exchange broker to remit rupees to India could be the cheapest way for Indian IT workers employed in the UK to send their wage packets home.

According to documents leaked from the European Commission, around 20,000 UK work permits are on offer to Indian IT workers each year.

As such, Indians will be keen to save money when it comes to ways in which to remit rupees to India from the UK.

Using a foreign exchange broker to send INR could cut down on extra costs by offering a highly competitive rate of currency exchange.

Indeed, a regulated broker such as RationalFX will cut down the cost of sending money abroad by avoiding the high commission and fees often charged by high street banks and cash transfer services.

Because currency exchange brokers transfer such large amounts of currency they are able to provide competitive rates to consumers who need to send regular amounts of cash.

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