How will you Choose to Send Money to Slovakia?

How you choose to send money to Slovakia depends largely on your individual circumstances.

You might need to send euros to Slovakia to cover instalments on a property or to just move some cash across to friends or family; there are endless reasons to transfer money internationally.

But whatever your reason, be sure to do some research before you jump straight in.

There are three main ways to send money to Slovakia. One of the simplest is to use a high street bank.

This can be a very convenient option if you need to send money to somebody with a bank account in Slovakia, perhaps with UniCredit Bank or Privatbanka.

A bank in your country of residence should be able to set up the transfer with just one phone call or in-branch visit.

However, all of this expediency will come at some cost. You can expect to pay per-transfer fees each time you move money and the currency exchange rate offered on the euro will be less than competitive.

Unfortunately, your second main option to send money to Slovakia – a Money Sending bureau – comes with similar problems.

These small establishments, found on high streets around the world, can be useful for sending money to people in Slovakia who cannot access a bank account.

But the poor euro exchange rates and the high per-transfer fees do not count in their favour.

Alternatively, you can turn to a foreign exchange broker. Most brokers will offer you a very competitive currency exchange rate due to the large volume of currency they handle.

On top of this, RationalFX will guarantee you a low fee service when you send money to Slovakia with us.

If you want to check out and compare our rates with your other options then why not open an online account today?

It’s quick, free and easy and does not oblige you to send money to Slovakia with us.