How to Transfer Money to Poland

How to transfer money to Poland is something a lot of Polish people working overseas have to contend with.

Many Polish people leave Poland for the very reason to transfer money back to their homeland. They undertake all types of jobs in many different countries to finance a better quality of life for loved ones back in Poland. However, transferring money can be expensive and it is in the best interest to find the cheapest and most efficient way to do so.

Banks are a popular option for those who are already account holders. They can do a bank to bank transfer to a Polish Bank such as PKO BP quite easily. Although the exchange rates available for the Polish Zloty and other currencies you will find are not as competitive as you may have assumed. In addition, there is a bank fee for every transfer you make which can be up to £100. These add up to be a large cost especially if you send money regularly.

Apart from the bank, money sending bureaus are another service where you can transfer money. With many outlets in towns and cities, they specialise in sending money internationally quickly and seem like a convenient option to transfer your money to Poland. However, using their service will see you incur up to a 15% charge on top of a poor exchange rate they offer. Your money will shrink drastically by going through them and therefore not really a financially viable method to take, but one for the desperate and reckless consumer.

The exchange rate is an important part of the international transfer of money. It is a cost that can be hedged against if you know where to go. That is why foreign exchange brokers like RationaFX are fast becoming the ideal solution for people wishing to transfer money to Poland. They offer extremely competitive exchange rates for the Polish Zloty and importantly do not charge high fees for doing your transfers.

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