How to Transfer Money from a Natwest Account

Do you need to transfer money from a NatWest account? If so, making your international money transfer through RationalFX is the ideal solution as we make transferring money simple, secure and less costly. We offer competitive exchange rates across our currencies and low fees, which together will help to reduce the cost of transferring money internationally.

National Westminster Bank Plc. is commonly known as NatWest. It is the largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. since 2000.

Bank name:NatWest
Address:135 Bishopsgate London, EC2M 3UR – United Kingdom
Phone number:0800 200 400
IBAN code:E.g GB99RBOS12345612345678

If you are a holder of a NatWest account and are looking to transfer money internationally whether it is to a family member or to make payments on a property abroad it is worth doing a bit of research to find the service which best suits your individual needs.

You may initially consider going to your bank to transfer your money as this is an obvious and convenient transfer method. Banks however, are known to offer their customers uncompetitive exchange rates across all their currencies and to charge significant transfer fees, which together will ultimately decrease the amount of currency you are able to transfer.

Another way you could make your international money transfer is through a money sending bureau as these services are a fast way to make your transfer and can also allow you to transfer money to a recipient that may not possess a bank account. The downside of using a money sending bureau is that once again you will be able to transfer less money as you will be charged considerable fees and offered poor exchange rates.

When you need to transfer money abroad from your NatWest account you should consider making your money transfer through a foreign exchange broker like RationalFX as we are foreign exchange specialists. With us you will get  a great exchange rate as we make savings by bulk buying our currency at competitive rates and we pass these benefits on to you. With RationalFX with low fees transferring money from your NatWest account is really straightforward and can even be done quickly and conveniently online.

To make your money transfer you will need to choose how you are going to credit our account with the funds you wish to transfer, the options being a bank transfer or paying with your credit or debit card. You could make a card payment conveniently online via our payments system Xendpay and transfer the money directly to us or alternatively you could do a bank transfer from your NatWest online banking facility and pay us that way or visit your local branch to pay your funds into our account. Once we have received your payment we will then be able to process your transfer.

You will know you are making a secure money transfer as we are a FSA authorised payments institution regulated by HM Revenue & Customs so we follow the strict regulations these institutions impose.

Start transferring money cheaply online from your NatWest account now, or register for an account to transfer money from your NatWest account.

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