How to send money to China

How to send money to China


RationalFX is aware that there is a large community of Chinese workforce working overseas and many of them often send their income to loved ones in China. Often banks charge high transfer fees and also gain a considerable amount of margins from exchange rates. The procedure can also be complex and lengthy – it typically takes 1-2 weeks to reach China. RationalFX’s online payment system (Xendpay) can provide you with unbeatable services for your international payments to China

Who are we?

RationalFX is registered with HM Revenue & Customs in England and it is authorised by FSA. We provide efficient and safe money transfer and online payment services (Xendpay) to our clients around the world including a large number of Chinese customers. Sending money to China with RationalFX costs less and it is easier and safer than ever before.

What does RationalFX offer?

You need to pay low transfer fee only for using our online transfer system and will have a better exchange rate than you would have with a bank. To put your mind at peace, there will be no hidden costs, and with every transaction we provide cheap international wire transfer.

To make your payments easier, we offer several choices of payments including same day bank transfer, Internet or telephone banking and Debit Card payments. With RationalFX you can send money to most major banks in China, such as China Construction Bank, Bank of China,  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications and the list goes on.  At the same time, we offer a wide selection of currencies and you can send money to China whenever and wherever.

How to send money to China?

Sending money to China is never easier. You simply register with us and obtain a live exchange rate. The next step is to follow directions on our online payment system and send your funds to our client account or make a Debit Card payment. We then transfer your purchased currency to the account of your choice at the pre-agreed rate. To find out more, please watch our video demo.

How long does it take?

When you use RationalFX online payment system, it normally takes two working days for the funds to reach your recepient once we received cleared funds from you.

Send money to China safely

To make transactions safer, the RationalFX Online payments and money transfer system uses the same technologies as online banking for security.  Clients’ interests are our priority at all times. Hence, all of our clients’ funds are held separately from RationalFX funds in a Client Account at Barclays Bank. Your payments and transfers are not held by us and we earn no interest from holding onto Client Funds.

We have joined SWIFT, the same one banks use. Why not spend less and enjoy safer, easier and faster online payments with RationalFX ? Registering with RationalFX is free. So open account with us today and find out more about our online payment services!