Hammond Threatens To Quit


Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said he will quit his post on Wednesday if Boris Johnson wins the leadership contest and succeeds Theresa May as Prime Minster. Hammond believes he could not work alongside Boris Johnson due to his demands of members of Parliament accepting a no-deal Brexit on the 31st October. Hammond went onto say “that is not something I could ever sign up to,” when talking about working alongside Boris Johnson. Hammond feels that it is important for the new Prime Minster to work closely with the Chancellor who share similar ideas and policies. When Hammond was asked about working alongside Jeremy Hunt, he stated that he would be willing to as Hunt has not clearly stated he would be willing to leave without a deal.

Irish Deputy Prime Minster Simon Coveney on Sunday pushed back against a number of propositions put forward by Boris Johnson. He went onto say that Ireland is not in a position to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement and won’t drop the Irish backstop provision in it. He also stated that if the new Prime Minster is looking to tear up the withdrawal agreement and start fresh then he believes that would spell trouble.

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