Cross-Party Talks to Reopen


Theresa May will return to Parliament today to kickstart talks with the Labour opposition in hopes to break the Brexit deadlock before the forthcoming European elections. May is facing increased pressure from MPs to secure a Brexit deal before the EU elections. Cross-party talks have stalled in recent weeks with Labour being more in favour of a custom unions agreement being added to the current deal.

May and Corbin haven’t met since March but ‘smaller working groups’ are said to have engaged in discussions over the past three weeks. On Sunday, reports from Downing Street said May will meet with Corbyn, Chancellor Philip Hammond, Shadow Chancellor John McDonald and other senior ministers for talks this week.

One government official told reporters that “Speed is of the essence here if we are to get something agreed and through both houses. We want to avoid the European elections so we need a resolution as soon as possible.” If May does manage to get her deal through Parliament in the coming weeks then she will only have 18 days to finalise all legislation. If no agreement is reached, May has promised to provide alternative Brexit options to be voted on.

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