14/01/2019 – Lawmakers To Reject May’s Deal


Lawmakers are set to reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal agreed with the European Union on Tuesday. With only 11 weeks to go till the UK are set to leave the EU, May has made a last ditch appeal to warn the government that rejecting her deal would be a “catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy.” May told MPs “”It is time to forget the games and do what is right for our country.”

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay echoed May’s concerns and warned that Brexiteers seeking ‘Ideological purity’ are in danger of seeing Britain not leave the EU at all. Barclay also indicated that May is not ready to discard her deal if rejected and ‘strongly suspects’ the House of Commons to end up voting for something along the lines of the current deal. He declined to comment on whether there was a Brexit ‘Plan B’ in place if the current deal is rejected in parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party is plotting a move of no confidence within days of May’s deal being rejected on Tuesday. Corbyn said Labour will call a vote of no confidence at a time of his choosing but said it will be very soon. The constraint that Corbyn faces is he will need the support of Tory MPs and Northern Irish lawmaker who aren’t keen on a labour government in power.

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