RFXplainer: Buying property abroad

Buying property abroad is no easy task. You have to manage different mortgage and tax systems, sort out visas and permits, all while navigating new currencies and languages.  No two countries’ systems are the same either so if you’re still unsure where you want to go, the amount of information available can be pretty overwhelming.  … Read more


RFXplainer: Foreign exchange contracts explained

Whether you’re purchasing property abroad or just looking to go on holiday with as much money as possible, foreign exchange can be a complicated thing to get your head around. It can often feel like unless you have an intimate knowledge of the foreign exchange market, you basically get what you’re given. If your currency … Read more


RFXplainer: What are mass and batch payments?

Mass payment,  sometimes known as mass payouts or batch payments, is a way of paying multiple recipients all at the same time. They are often facilitated by either a payment provider or a payment provider’s own platform.  They’re especially popular with businesses as it allows them to pay multiple employees and suppliers quickly and easily.  … Read more