UK Spring Statement 2022 and its potential impact on GBP

In the backdrop of the worst inflation in decades reaching the 6.2% mark, the war in Ukraine and rising living costs, the Chancellor of Exchequer Rishi Sunak delivered his Spring Statement today. Mostly expected, the new measures involve around the key issues the UK population is facing. The UK economy is forecast to grow by … Read more


Autumn Budget 2021: what happened and how will the pound react?

Finance minister Rishi Sunak unveiled the contents of his famous red briefcase in the House of Commons on Wednesday – and he was in a bullish mood. Back in March, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Spring Budget statement painted a bleak picture of the state of the UK’s finances, as the nation prepared to take … Read more


RFXplainer: Buying property abroad

Buying property abroad is no easy task. You have to manage different mortgage and tax systems, sort out visas and permits, all while navigating new currencies and languages.  No two countries’ systems are the same either so if you’re still unsure where you want to go, the amount of information available can be pretty overwhelming.  … Read more


RFXplainer: Foreign exchange contracts explained

Whether you’re purchasing property abroad or just looking to go on holiday with as much money as possible, foreign exchange can be a complicated thing to get your head around. It can often feel like unless you have an intimate knowledge of the foreign exchange market, you basically get what you’re given. If your currency … Read more


RFXplainer: What are mass and batch payments?

Mass payment,  sometimes known as mass payouts or batch payments, is a way of paying multiple recipients all at the same time. They are often facilitated by either a payment provider or a payment provider’s own platform.  They’re especially popular with businesses as it allows them to pay multiple employees and suppliers quickly and easily.  … Read more


Introducing the brand new RationalFX employee benefits package

Here at RationalFX, we’re entering a really exciting phase. With global expansion and international partnerships and new products. A lot of that has been years in the making but only pushed over the line in the last year. To do that in a year like no other, with our people working from home, is nothing short … Read more


Managing currency market risk in uncertain times

Unprecedented events certainly haven’t been in short supply so far in 2020. Forget the political jousting that defined 2019 and eventually saw Boris Johnson achieve a landslide election victory – after all, general elections haven’t exactly been in short supply in recent times. This year has seen the UK – and the world – thrust … Read more


RationalFX: helping in the hunt for PPE

The escalation of Covid-19 into a global health crisis has seen the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers become one of the defining issues of the pandemic. According to the Health and Safety Executive, PPE is “equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work”. When it … Read more


The automated mass payment revolution

The age of automation, the digital revolution, the fourth industrial revolution: whatever you want to call it, the rapid rise of internet-enabled automation in the 21st century has had a profound impact on the world of international payments – and will continue to do so thanks to a constant stream of digital advancements. Take the … Read more


Secure international payments: how to check your provider’s security credentials

Convenience can lead to complacency when it comes to your business making secure international payments online. The ability to open an account in minutes and make transfers at the touch of a button often overshadows the need to check your payment providers security credentials. Simply assuming they’re regulated and have sufficient processes in place will … Read more


How is coronavirus impacting cross-border businesses and markets?

The World Health Organisation has labelled the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, following its rapid spread from China to multiple countries around the world. The problem for currency markets is its infecting economies as quickly as people. Symptoms include everything from disappointing data showing its strangling supply chains and disrupting manufacturing to emergency monetary policy … Read more


2020 Budget Impact on SMEs and the FX market

Chancellor Sunak’s Budget announcement had minimal impact on GBP, following the Bank of England’s emergency rate cut during the morning of 11th March 2020 as an attempt to strengthen the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak.   After the Bank of England announced their interest rate cut from 0.75% to 0.25%, sterling fell to lows against … Read more


What can cross-border businesses expect from the March Budget?

The first Budget from the new Conservative majority government will be set to a backdrop of historic political events and an international health crisis that is strangling economic growth. So, will Wednesday’s Spring Statement go down in history as ‘the coronavirus Budget’, ‘the Brexit Budget’ or ‘the Boris Johnson Budget’? Upon reflection, it will probably … Read more