Case study: API partner

Our API integrates the RationalFX 24/7 online payment platform to your system so you can offer our foreign exchange and international transfer services to your own customers, giving your business an extra revenue stream. Here’s how we helped a UK online retailer expand into the Eurozone.

The client

A UK online retailer that recently started selling its products in the Eurozone.

The challenge

To help them deal with the sudden influx of euro payments, they wanted to integrate an international payments service into their own existing software.

The solution

We suggested they try our API. API stands for application programming interface. It’s a set of programming instructions that allows one application to integrate and work with another.

Our API allows a business that needs to make and receive frequent international payments to do it via our online trading platform, but from within their own systems. It consolidates, automates and streamlines the entire international transfer process.

The client was able to easily integrate the API following the instructions in our developer centre and can deal with international payments easily and has gained an additional monthly revenue.

If this doesn’t show directly how we could help you, it definitely doesn’t mean we can’t. Whatever international transfer challenge you have, we should be able to help. Just get in touch with one of our currency specialists and they’ll explain how.

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