Introducing the brand new RationalFX employee benefits package

Here at RationalFX, we’re entering a really exciting phase. With global expansion and international partnerships and new products. A lot of that has been years in the making but only pushed over the line in the last year. To do that in a year like no other, with our people working from home, is nothing short of remarkable. 

We therefore wanted a way to thank and reward the people who helped us get here. Plus, we know we are only getting started. For our colleagues who are yet to join us on our journey, we wanted to establish a reward system that’s truly one of the best in today’s market. 

So earlier this year, our HR team got to work creating a brand new benefits package. They spoke to people across the company.

Asked them what was really important to them? What would they value as a benefit? And, most importantly, what would they actually use?

They spoke to the leading benefit providers in the market. Asked how they could truly help our people. Their physical health. Their mental health. Their families. Their bank balances. The lot. 

After months of work, we found a perfect, tailored plan that simply ‘fit’ with us.

And now it’s here.

30 new benefits; including access to the best health and wellbeing apps on the market, annual allowance for everyday healthcare needs, GP appointments, money off major retailers, restaurants, food delivery providers, gyms and so much more.   

We’ve also extended our in-house benefits, increasing our annual leave allowance to 25 days, extending our range of salary sacrifice benefits, and committing to special occasions treats and company socials. 

It’s safe to say we’re all pretty happy with it.

And if you find think you’d be happy with it too, check our LinkedIn for our latest roles. We’re growing fast and, needless to say, hiring incredible people.