International Payments Services
for Businesses

At RationalFX, we understand international trade, our suite of solutions helps businesses gain greater control over their international payments allowing them to plan more effectively and gain tighter control over their finances.


Our rates are often better than major high-street banks. We conduct regular audits of other payments providers to ensure we remain competitive.


Payments can be sent via, CHAPS, SWIFT, SEPA or a local banking partner helping to ensure the timely and secure delivery of your funds.


Our team of corporate currency specialists are on hand to guide you in making international payments and guide you through unpredictable currency markets.


We waive the fee on one-off and regular payments made through our corporate currency specialists. On top of this our exchange rates are some of the best around.


Importing and exporting is big business in today’s economy. With consumers demanding a greater range of products, businesses must address these demands in order to remain competitive. While this is great for the consumer, this exposes businesses to greater risks that can have significant impacts on profitability.

At RationalFX, our suite of solutions helps businesses manage and minimise their exposure to the volatility of currency markets, giving you greater control over your finances. Whether you’re making infrequent or regular payments, we’ll work with you to devise a strategy that protects and enhances your business.

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Save time, reduce stress & remove the margin for error with our bulk payment service. Pay multiple beneficiaries in many regions globally with our cross-border bulk payment service.

Suitable for:

  • Payroll
  • Suppliers
  • Software & Systems
  • Other recurring expenses

For further information or to make bulk payments, speak to a corporate currency specialist.

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International Payroll

Businesses with the requirement to pay overseas staff have a myriad of consideration, one of those being currency exchange rates. Political instability, interest rates and a host of other determining factors cause rate fluctuations.

At RationalFX, we have the experience and expertise to help businesses manage their international payroll requirements in a way that minimises risk and exposure to the negative impacts of turbulent market movements.

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