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Spot Contract

Businesses can make one-off transactions on the spot at the current market exchange rate. Businesses satisfied with selling or buying at the current rate tend to use this solution. You can execute an immediate transaction via your online account or by speaking with your dedicated corporate currency specialist.

Limit order

A limit order enable businesses to target a specific exchange rate above the price of the current market rate. A limit order can be set to buy or sell a currency at your preferred rate giving you greater control over your transactions. Your corporate currency specialist will process the transaction for you when your desired rate is achieved.

Stop loss

A stop loss enables you to set a worst case scenario exchange rate. It triggers when the market drops to undesirable levels to protect you against the rate continuing to fall. If the market improves, the stop loss won’t trigger and we will continue to adjust it upwards to more desirable levels. This can be used as part of a strategy when combined with forwards and spot deals to protect your company and to take advantage of higher rates.

Forward contract

Booking a forward contract enables you to fix a rate for a specific date in advance. This helps your business to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations.

Hedging strategy

We help businesses reduce the impact of unfavourable market movements with a hedging strategy. Your corporate currency specialist will work with you to understand the most adverse risks to your business, in order to create a robust solution calibrated to your business needs.