Cheaper international payments to Botswana

Aiming at getting the most from your international payments to Botswana is something that can have a significant effect at cutting costs for your business.

The money that is wasted due to poor exchange rates and transfer fees can be better saved or used more productively.

At RationalFX we offer you guaranteed competitive exchange rates for the Botswana Pula and we charge low transfer fees for all your international transfers online.

We are helping more businesses everyday reduce the costs of their international payments to Botswana. So open your account today.

Our service goes further

With banks and money transfer agents charging high margin rates on top of transfer fees you are already paying more for your international payments to Botswana than you should.

Apart from give you better rates and low fees, we can give you more support with our FX services in volatile market climates.

  • Spot deals for the quick payments means that the price agreed is the price you get in the transfer.
  • Forward contracts enables you to fix a rate of exchange for up to two years, means you benefit from a stable international payment structure to manage your finances easier around.
  • Limit orders allows you to make your international payments at a rate that you can decide at. You set a desired rate and as soon as it hits that rate we make the payments at that rate for you- no fuss.

We are a trusted FSA authorised payments institution regulated by HMRC and highly experienced at making international payments to Botswana. Make your international payments to Botswana cheaper and safer - open an account today.