Foreign Exchange Products for Businesses

Our comprehensive suite of FX products allow you to securely send or receive over 50 currencies worldwide.

We understand that all businesses are different; which is why your assigned expert currency specialist will take the time to understand your business and create an international payments strategy tailored to your needs.

Our team of corporate currency specialists offer a range of comprehensive foreign exchange products and services to help your business effectively manage and reduce costs of future international payments.

Take a look at our core FX products:


FX Spot Contracts allow businesses to secure an exchange rate to make an international payment within two business days. You can execute an immediate transaction from your account on our online platform, or by speaking with your dedicated corporate currency specialist.


Booking a Forward Contract enables you to fix a rate for a specific date for up to two years in advance. This helps your business to mitigate against exchange rate fluctuations and forecast your future payments.


Using a Limit Order can be an effective way of achieving a better exchange rate. You can nominate an exchange rate you wish to achieve and we will automatically purchase the funds on your behalf once this rate is reached.


Our Stop Loss product can help you to reduce risk and limit losses. Set your worst case scenario exchange rate and if the market price falls, the stop loss will trigger, helping to prevent further losses.


Global mass payments made easy. Save time, reduce stress and remove the margin for error with our international mass payment services. Upload your CSV file via our API and pay multiple beneficiaries worldwide. Click here to find out more.

FX currency risk STRATEGY

We help businesses reduce the impact of unfavourable market movements with a tailored Currency Risk Strategy using a suite of FX products and services. Our corporate currency specialists will work closely with you to understand the most adverse risks to your business, in order to create a robust solution calibrated to your business needs.

RationalFX Also Provide a range of smart partnership opportunities for you to grow your business. These include:

REFERRAL partnerships

Add an additional revenue stream to your business with our Referral Partnership Scheme. Find out more…

API Platform integration

A seamless way of streamlining your clients’ international payments. Find out more…

White Label solutions

Make our innovative online payment platform your own. Find out more…

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RationalFX have helped over 5,000 businesses to manage their international payments and mitigate their currency risk exposure. We ensure your funds arrive where they need to be on time whilst maximising profitability. 

Interested in working with us? Speak to one of our corporate currency specialists on +44 (0) 20 7220 8182, open an account or request a quote and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

Market News and Analysis


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